Cash flow planning

It is important to understand why you are saving and how this will impact you in later life. Do you have a particular objective? Pay off a mortgage? Retire at a certain age? Fund a child’s education or wedding? We can help you by:

  • Taking the current value of your investments, applying a set of agreed assumptions about investment growth, tax rates and key life events
  • Help plan for your future through a cash flow model, which can be discounted to give a better understanding of the true present values

Whilst this can only ever be an estimate of the likely outcome, by regularly reviewing your current situation, changes to the model can be made to more accurately assess what you need to save, the required investment return required to achieve your target, or the level of on-going income that can be achieved and whether this is sustainable for the rest of your life.

For more information about how we can help, please view our video:

Please note the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate cash flow planning.

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