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The first weeks of September were busy for the government, announcing a new health and social care levy on National Insurance contributions, suspending the pension triple lock for next year and adding an Autumn Budget and Spending Review to our calendars for 27 October. As part of a broader approach on how the country will deal with the fall-out of the pandemic these measures will have far-reaching consequences when they come into force next year.

In the meantime, the pandemic has also had an effect not only on working lives but also retirement patterns. The numbers of older people remaining in work has been increasing. Many reaching retirement age are choosing, where possible, to remain in work part time rather than make the dramatic shift from full time to leisure. In our feature in the latest edition of our newsletters, we focus on the ‘new retirement’, phasing the end of work and managing the costs of retirement. The new Health and Social Care Levy Bill, now making its way through parliament, will add a further tax on those working in retirement which will also now have to be taken into account.

Other stories for this edition include:

  • Income Protection – A simple safety net
  • The return of inflation?
  • No fault divorce
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