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With the widespread take up of the Covid-19 vaccination, and the latest booster campaign offering a third vaccine to all adults, we’ve all been looking forward to a more festive season than last year. The advent of the latest omicron variant unfortunately seems likely to put a damper on some of that optimism. Although planning how to maintain a family Christmas may be top of your list for now, the New Year will soon be upon us, traditionally a good time to make sure your finances are in order.

As there is no spring Budget on the cards for 2022, we can plan more confidently without worrying about what might be sprung on us in April. While the Chancellor has committed to taxes going down by the end of the parliament, from April they are most definitely going up, so our feature looks at the best ways to make sure you are in a good position for the new tax year. Late in November, the Treasury finally also took the options for revising capital gains tax and inheritance tax off the table, making year end planning more straightforward.

Other stories for this edition include:

  • The cost of retirement: setting your own standard
  • Social care plans for England: not all they seem
  • Christmas gifts that keep on giving
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