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As many grapple with the continuing effects of rising inflation and living costs, we focus on one of the success stories of recent years to mark the ten year anniversary of automatic enrolment for workplace pensions. Nearly 80% of those eligible are now enrolled. Persistently low contribution levels, however, mean that relying solely on auto-enrolment may not provide the long term levels of income many anticipate.

At the other end of the pension process, we also explore the potential pitfalls of withdrawing your pension funds early. While the flexibility of pensions freedom can help access funds in times of crisis, depleting your pension fund during times of volatility, particularly without taking advice, could have a serious impact on your retirement income.

Other stories for this edition include:

  • Buy-to-let facing headwinds
  • How much ready cash is enough?
  • No-fault divorce: don’t skip on advice
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